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This is my first time using the Honker Hauler. Before this, I’ve used just full-body goose bags, and it takes hours to set up. How many decoys did we set up, this morning? We had 67 out this morning. That would have taken me a couple hours with just bags. With the Honker Hauler, we have everything out and set up within an hour. And now we’ve got two limits of geese and a couple ducks, and we’re going to get back to the truck with all these geese in about 15 minutes. So, I would recommend the Honker Hauler.

~ Ed Denham
decoy cartz honker hauler testimonial

The [Honker Hauler] cart exceeded our expectation in every way. 36 Bigfoots, 4 coffin [blinds], shotguns and blind bags for four guys! Can’t ever imagine hunting without it again. A quality tool! (e-mail, 3 sept 2014.)

Good morning Chris. Tim here. We’re out in the field this morning having a great shoot. Once again, that damn cart, I’ll tell you what, that thing is a game changer for us, because we would have been haulin’ our tired little ass across the field again this morning. My partner and I got 4 nice big geese. My dog has been working really well. Once again that cart makes life pretty simple. So thanks again for all your hard work and engineering that thing. So far it’s worth every penny we paid for it. (voice mail, 5 Sept 2014)

~ Tim Foley, Wisconsin

Just wanna drop a line to let ya know my hat is off to you guys. Awesome product! Cut setup time in half! Used to make 3 or 4 trips to carry 3.5 dozen Bigfoots, 1.5 dozen motion state full bodies, 2 dozen shells, 2 guns, 2 blinds, and ammo. With the Honker Hauler we made one EASY trip. Setup is super easy. Overall hunt preparation (pre/post) is cut down by half the time! Thanks Hanker Hauler you have revolutionized the hunt so much that “ol” man can once again join us in the field! 5/5 stars!!

~ Joshua, Sophia, Jame (the “ol” man) – Joshua Moes, Indiana

Used the Honker Hauler for the first time this weekend. Carried 42 full body lesser and 12 Bigfoots plus layouts and gear for 2 guys several hundred yards through a very dry and powdery field. What would have taken at least 3 brutal trips and a couple hours was done in one 20 minute trip! We were rewarded with 2 limits (8) large geese that were easily added to the cart for our exit from the field. This cart is game changer couldn’t be more happy with my purchase!

~ Matt Evenson, Washington

The Honker Hauler works great! I have used it to hunt Twitchel Island, Little Dry Creek, and Delavan. Every time somebody comments on how big and nicely made the cart is. I can carry out so much gear effortlessly. No more achy back. The cart rolls great. Often I can use one hand and push the cart stuffed full of gear down the levee roads. I have even drug it through shallow ponds on Twitchel Island out to the blinds. Nobody else can get that much gear out to these blinds, making my spread the best looking one out there. Love the Cadillac of duck carts!!!

~ Dave Buttner, California

I promised to review my experience with Decoy Cartz Honker Hauler [on goosehuntingchat.com] once I used it for hunting. It’s turned out to be everything it’s advertised to be…. It’s save my bacon…. Worth the cost for me

~Bumpkinvilledad, 3 Dec 2012 on www.goosehuntingchat.com

Accolades for the Honker Hauler design. I’m a bit of a gear freak. The Honker Hauler has become my most used piece of gear lately, especially when hunting public ground. To get where the birds want to be with your decoys and blind can be difficult when you have a mile or more to walk along with another ¼ mile to wade. I’ve used game carts from different suppliers as well as several homemade models. None compares with the Honker Hauler for hauling capacity, balance, and portability while collapsed. The Honker Hauler allows me to go farther and last longer then most guys my age. I’m 63 now, and plan on using the Honker Hauler ‘til I’m 83 (wheel bearings and tires withstanding).

P.S. – My wife likes the Honker Hauler better than her garden cart for hauling prunings down to the neighbors.

~ Ken Smith, California

Fellow hunters, I have purchased two Honker Haulers from Decoy Cartz and they have really made decoy storage a dream!! Putting decoys out in the field is way easier now, I show up with my covertrailer, coffin blinds, and two carts loaded with 72 full-body decoys. I still think I have room for another 2 dozen full body dekes!! Set out blind, roll out carts and start setting up decoys. Never has it been simpler!! I have modified my carts a little to suit my application, but the design is 98% perfect!! Buy them up fellas!! You won’t be disappointed!! (See picture of Tony’s loaded carts)

~ Tony Hilderly, Alberta, Canada

I have been searching for a cart to haul my full bodies and the only thing I could find that remotely looked big enough was the Honker Hauler. ..I was hesitant to spend that kind of cash. Finally broke down and ordered it. I assembled it..looks great.. can’t wait to load it up (5 Dec 2012). ..it’s my third trip with the hauler and I’m loving it. Long walks on state land with 3 doz full bodies and 2 doz shells, a finish flapper, and 5-1/2 doz reel geese…(14 Dec 2012)

~Saw Dust on www.goosehuntingchat.com

Just want to give you a call and let you know the Honker Hauler decoy cart works friggin’ amazing! Absolutely genius! Just got back from a goose trip in upstate New York. Love it! (v-mail, 27 Sept 2016)

~ Matt, Hooked on Honkers Guide Service, Bemus Point, NY

The HH works great for ducks too. We loaded it up on its maiden voyage with over 100 solid body magnum duck decoys, plus gear, and guns for 3 hunters. Getting to our blind through mud and shallow water was never easier! I’m sold on its first trip! Happy customer!

~ Alix Henry, Oregon

The Honker Hauler is one of the best additions to my spread I have made. It rolls easily, has a huge capacity, and folds up to a very manageable size. It saves time and effort on all our hunts and allows us to carry more decoys on those long walk-in hunts without multiple trips. Pictured is the Honker Hauler loaded with 3-1/2 dozen DSD’s; I think I can fit another dozen (See picture of Michael’s loaded cart).

~ Michael Day, Maryland

I simply love my Decoy Cartz Honker Hauler. No more hand carrying multi loads of decoys and assorted gear to the field, everything fits in the decoy cart. Saves so much time and energy. It was money well spent. Thanks so much.

~ Don Gooden., IN

The Honker Hauler decoy cart has worked very well. We fill it to the brim with decoys (3 dozen magnum Canada shells, 8 dozen silhouettes), layout blinds (4), ammo, guns, other little stuff, and the bunch of geese we harvest. It goes over the landscape with ease. Wish I would have had one years ago!

~ Ed Toler, Texas

The Honker Hauler and Ed T. [Honker Hauler owner] made a believer out of us! Five hunters with layout blinds, 180 silhouettes, tote with 90 windsocks in it, 3 dozen magnum shells, 30 [harvested] geese in bottom of the honker hauler, guns and ammo bags, made one trip coming out of the field (see Picture).

~ Lance Martin., Texas

The Honker Hauler is great. It’s Lightweight, strong, and handy; got all of the gear across the plowed field in one pull. It’s had to believe we could get all the decoys, blinds, guns, ammo, and extra clothes for six guys into it; let alone return with the bag of Canada geese as well. … I would not be without one.

~ Byron Vadset, Washington

THE HH is awesome for taking decoys and gear in and out the field for Canada geese, ducks, and snow geese. I hauled my five year old boy in the cart with my gear last fall when he came with me. It’s great how it folds up quick and easy too. I’d recommend it to any waterfowler

~ Kevin Johnson, North Dakota

Got the HH set up last night and we were able to haul 5 dozen shells, 18 full bodies, 2 layout blinds, and all our gear! We moved the load so quick and easy we had to sit in the truck waiting for dawn. Love my new Honker Hauler!

~ Stan Lemas, Idaho

HH makes hunting handicap accessible! A month into the 2013 hunting season I broke my ankle, but the hunt must go on! On a snow goose hunt in 1/4 Section barley field my sons had to make two trips: One with all the decoys and gear and one with dad. The HH made both possible and successful! I never dreamed when I created the Honker HH that I would be the cargo. 😉

~ Chris Evensen, HH Inventor