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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How tough/strong is the Honker Hauler decoy cart?

A: I lost my fully load Honker Hauler decoy cart out the back of my pickup at 70 mph. Damage was minimal. I was up and rolling again in one hour after replacing only the axle and one vertical riser. This cart is made of structural aluminum; it’s not a wimpy electrical conduit cart.

Q: Can the Honker Hauler be used with a decoy sled?

A: Yes, it will hold any decoy sled 36-inch wide by 90-inch long, or less. The loaded decoy sled can be easily loaded/unloaded through the tailgate.

Q: Why do the vertical risers extend above the top of the cart?

A: To help contain the load if you wish to stack decoys above the bag level of the cart and to provide a utility rack for attaching whatever you may need. If the extensions are not useful to you, you can cut them off flush with the top of the cart.

Q: What is the purpose of the horizontal cross-members that extend out the sides of the cart?

A: They are push/pull handles (like a bob sled) so that a group can help push/pull the cart. If these extensions are not useful to you, you can cut them off flush with the cart.

Q: Could the Honker Hauler be adapted with skis, pontoons, or high flotation tires for snow, amphibious use, or sand?

A: Yes! If you have need to use the Honker Hauler in these situations give us a call and we can discuss ideas of how this can be done.

Q: Can you help me understand the cost of the Honker Hauler?

A. Sure.


First, the Honker Hauler is not massed produced in China.


Second, the Honker Hauler consists of 4 major components: wheels, bag, frame, and hardware. To produce a single cart at retail prices would cost on the order of $600-$700 as described below.


  • Wheels. The wheels are purchased from Northern Tool supply. They cost about $70.
  • Bag. Think of slotted decoy bags. A 6 slot bag for full-body goose decoys costs about $45. The Honker Hauler bag is much larger than four of these. Production of the decoy cart bag would cost around $200
  • Frame. The frame is made of aluminum and weights about 40 lbs. At your local metal store you would find that aluminum costs around $3 per pound and thus the aluminum for the frame would cost around $120. Production of the frame requires around 200 steps of cutting, deburring, and drilling. As a one-time production, your local fabrication shop would require a minimum of 4 hours, or about $260, at $65/hr, to fabricate the frame.
  • Hardware. The Honker Hauler requires several pounds of hardware to hold it together. The hardware would cost about $25 off the shelf at your hardware store.
  • Approximate Total $655 ($70+$180+$120+$260+$25)



Third, The Honker Hauler is an entirely different beast than your typical deer cart. Just as an 18-wheeler and a pickup are two different beasts; even though they can both cart a load. Compared to a deer cart, the Honker Hauler has a MUCH larger aluminum, not steel, frame structure; the largest diameter wheels readily available on the market, instead of small ones that roll great on the show room floor; and a large bag, that a deer cart does not require, the bag is central to Honker Hauler ability to haul a large volume of decoys. And the design is robust; the Honker Hauler decoy cart will still be working years from now.