Honker Hauler

Honker HaulerJust wanna drop a line to let ya know my hat is off to you guys. Awesome product! Cut setup time in half! Used to make 3 or 4 trips to carry 3.5 dozen Bigfoots, 1.5 dozen motion state full bodies, 2 dozen shells, 2 guns, 2 blinds, and ammo. With the Honker Hauler we made one EASY trip. Setup is super easy. Overall hunt preparation (pre/post) is cut down by half the time! Thanks Hanker Hauler you have revolutionized the hunt so much that "ol" man can once again join us in the field! 5/5 stars!!

~ Joshua, Sophia, Jame (the "ol" man) – Joshua Moes, Indiana

video ~ Ed Denham video testimony

3 ways to buy your Honker Hauler to fit your needs!

  1. $495 - Honker Hauler Standard All aluminum construction. See full description way below. Shipping $50. Cart and wheels ship seperately. May not arrive same day.
  2. or mail a check


  3. $395 - Honker Hauler w/o Wheels  All aluminum construction. Save! Customer obtains own 26" diameter, 4-1/2" hub, 3/4" bore wheel from Northern Tool Equipment (Item #56626 Pneumatic tire or Item #50850 Flat-free tire). See full description way below. Shipping $50.
  4. or mail a check


    HH DIY

    Ken Bye HH DIY - Aluminum

    Robert Levesque

  5. $150 - Honker Hauler DIY. The HH Do-It-Yourself is a great way to get all the advantages of the HH at lower cost plus the satisfaction of building it yourself! The HH DIY kit comes complete with the bag; aluminum axle and custom cart brackets; building instructions; and materials list. Order wheels from Northern Tool (Item #56626 Pneumatic tire or Item #50852 Flat-free Tire) and take the materials list to Home Depot or Lowes to buy the off-the-shelf wood, PVC pipe, and hardware listed. In a day and basic skill, build your HH with only a hand drill, hand wood/PVC saw, and tape measure. You can also build out of steel conduit or aluminum if you want. DIY's are having a lot of fun and showing creativity building their HH to meet their unique needs.
  6. I just completed putting together the [HH DIY] cart today, seems like a petty solid cart…I think you have done a wonderful job. Looking forward to using it. I will let you know how it performs (11 Sept 2014). I’ve hunted with [the HH DIY] 3 times. It has been a joy to find something that really works. My hat is off to you (30 Dec 2014)
    - John Craft, Arizona

    We had a great opening day yesterday. The DIY carts worked like a dream. These two carts full of decoys and one other trip of 7 layout blinds in the cart at once. Thank you, they are a life saver. We used to make many trips carrying 6 slot full-body decoy bags. This is a much better way to go. Pushed across the field very easy and had a successful hunt. Thank you!
    - Ken B, Alaska [Ken and friend Mike each built a HH DIY]

    We have used it [HHDIY] a couple of times now and it's the PERFECT cart for goose hunting! it saves so much walking time. Thanks for your great invention.
    - Robert Levesque, Maine [HHDIY - Wood/PVC]

    or mail a check


Shipping: Shipping prices are for UPS ground in 48 states (delivery 7-10 days). Honker Hauler Standard ships in two boxes. May not arrive same day. Standard w/o wheels ships in one box. Shipping costs will appear when you click the "Buy Now" buttons. Contact us if you require different shipping arrangements.



ATV Hitch. Discontinued. If you would like to make your own ATV hitch e-mail us at and we will e-mail you back with the hitch drawing you can use to make your own ATV hitch.

See our ATV Tow Bar in action


Accessories Shipping: Shipping prices are for UPS ground in 48 states (delivery 7-10 days). Shipping cost for each accessorie will appear when you click the “Buy Now” buttons. Contact us if you require different shipping arrangements.


  • Capacity: 5-6 dozen large full-body Canada goose decoys, 100's of rags or wind sock snow goose decoys, many dozens of duck decoys, layout blinds, shotguns, ammo, and associated gear. 54 cubic foot, 90” x 36” x 30” bag, 400 lb capacity.

  • "Tailgate" opens for easy load/unload of a decoy sled, decoys, or gear. See "Tailgate" video.

  • Light weight, strong, durable, aluminum tube construction.

  • Removable wheels.

  • Decoy Cart folded flat
  • Folds flat (4’W x 5’-9"L x 1’D) in seconds for storage (Pull 2 frame pins and 2 wheel pins.)

  • Weighs 48 lbs w/o wheels.

  • Large diameter easy rolling 26-inch heavy duty pneumatic wheels. (400lb capacity each)

  • Wide stable 36-inch wheel base.

  • Low center of gravity

  • Central vertical members allow stacking load for greater capacity above bag and provide a utility rack for attachment of straps, gun grips, and other attachments.

  • Push me-pull me design allows two hunters to push-pull cart.

  • "Stretcher" design allows decoy cart to be lift in-transit over ditches and other field obstacles or even used without wheels to transport load.

  • Industrial polyester PVC coated mesh bag is self draining and will not rot.

  • See the Honker Hauler in action in our video section.

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