Helpful Hints

Shoulder Harness. A shoulder harness such as the Deluxe Deer Drag by Hunter Specialties (see Cabela’s or other retailers) is a great aid to pulling the decoy cart. It lets you lean your body into pulling the cart and lets your arms simply act to keep the decoy cart level and aimed in the right direction.

Tires. The standard decoy cart tires are pneumatic. If getting a flat in your hunting situation is likely you might consider replacing the tube with a puncture resistant tube (available at local bike store), injecting a puncture sealant such as Slime, carrying a spare tire, or getting hard rubber tires available at Northern Tool, McMaster-Carr, or others.

Rubber Dip. Rubber Dip available a Home Depot, Lowes, and other hardware stores can be applied to the handles of you Honker Hauler decoy cart to improve grip and comfort.


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