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The Honker Hauler decoy cart from Decoy Cartz is the answer for those who have searched far and wide under decoy cart, decoy carts, goose cart, duck cart, hunting cart, waterfowl cart, deer cart, for your decoy transportation answer.

They say necessity is the mother of invention. In the case of the Honker Hauler decoy cart this is certainly true. The Honker Hauler was created because I needed a decoy cart to transport my full-body Canada goose decoy spread (and snow goose decoy spread) and associated waterfowl hunting gear to the "X" in the middle of barley fields in one trip with a minimum of effort; and there was not a decoy cart, goose cart, duck cart, deer cart, garden cart, utility cart or even a Decoy Cartz on the market that could do the job satisfactorily.

As a life-long goose hunter and as an engineer, design and development of the Honker Hauler decoy cart was fun. It allowed me to combine two of my passions in one project. Visualize the 1961 Disney movie "The Absent-Minded Professor" staring Fred MacMurray combining Flubber with his car. I have been thoroughly entertained developing the Honker Hauler decoy cart and solidified my wife, Roxann's, suspicions that I am nuts. However, as a die-hard waterfowler you already know what I am talking about. ;-)

Development of the Honker Hauler decoy cart was a family affair. It has been fun working with my three teenage sons, Kevin, Erik, and Tyler, developing the Honker Hauler decoy cart. They have been my "pro-staff" using, field testing, critiquing, and yes pulling the decoy cart prototypes. The Honker Hauler is teen tested tough!

My daughter Katie even contributed. About the time I thought I would turn the Honker Hauler decoy cart into a business she announced her engagement. The result, surprise, was that the Honker Hauler business seed money became wedding money! However, the year long delay resulted in beneficial improvements to the design.

I hope the Honker Hauler decoy cart helps you enjoy your duck hunting and goose hunting passion!


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